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Cable TV

Cable TV is still the most widely deployed TV transmission system due to its stability and efficiency, although new technology creates quite a lot of different system formats. WellAV Cable TV solution provides a turnkey solution that simplifies the technical requirements for cable TV operators to deploy a cable TV system. With rich experience and world-leading technology, WellAV can offer everything needed to compose a cable TV system.


Versatile Digital Headends

Digital Headend facilities are the essential part of a cable TV system. Equipped with over 40 different function modules, Wellav's DMP/SMP can receive content from various sources such as DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, ASTC, ISDB-T and IPTV, and then convert them into standard DVB transport streams and deliver them to cable TV networks. With its advanced processing capability and compact design, DMP stands out as the first choice for both centralized and distributed cable TV systems that require massive signal sources and stream processing.


Value-added Service

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) can deliver channal information beforehand to considerably improve subscriber viewing experience, which is also an major improvement on former analog cable system. Besides, EPG service enables subscribers to enjoy additional functions such as PVR and time-shift supported by STB.

Wellav's multi-screen monitoring system can monitor live programs from cable TV system in a real-time manner, display the video/audio quality and feedback any problems via alarms. The ETSI TR290 function can also help engineers troubleshoot TS problems. The multi-screen monitoring system is capable of displaying up to 32 TV programs on each TV monitor, visually presenting any failure to operators.


Content Compression by DMP/SMP Encoder

Depending on different applications, signal sources vary considerably, such as CVBS, YPbPr, HDMI and SDI. Before further transmission, these signal sources have to be compressed by encoders to save network bandwidth. Wellav's DMP/SMP encoder supports almost all common signal sources and encode them into H.264/MPEG2 video format and MPEG/AAC/AC3 audio format.


Content Protection by DMP/SMP Scrambler

Wellav's DMP scrambler complies with DVB simulcrypt standard and has been verified to be compatible with all the main-stream Conditional Access Systems. This tremendously helps cable TV operators protect their valuable video content and thus increase ARPU.


Stream Adjustment by DMP/SMP Transcoder

Wellav's DMP/SMP transcoder can effectively compress video/audio sources, transcode/transrate the signal sources into different encoding formats and bit rates. No matter the source is in H.264 or MPEG-2 format, HD or SD, Wellav can help operators convert it to any required video formats and bit rates so as to save network bandwidth and enhance system compatibility.


QAM Modulation by DMP/SMP/IFQ332 Edge QAM

QAM modulation is commonly used for digital cable systems. Wellav's DMP/SMP/IFQ332 Edge QAM can achieve massive stream reception, remultiplexing and QAM modulation for HFC network transmission. Our devices support all major QAM constellations, symbol rates and frequency ranges.

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