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Wireless Distribution

Wireless distribution is also widely used for TV transmission with innate benefit of wide coverage, high efficiency and low investment. WellAV wireless distribution solution facilitates content provider to transport the content to geographically separated TV operators and enables operators without cable network to deploy a system with minimum investment. WellAV can provide everything for a wireless distribution network, regardless of terrestrial or satellite.


High-Density, Low Power Consumption

As DMP/SMP follows highly-integrated and modular design, 1xDMP + 3xSMP can perform 36 SDI/HDMI/analog encoding, receive, multiplex, scramble and modulate streams from 12 RF. All these functions merely take up space of a 4RU rack, saving space and lowering power consumption as much as possible.


Rich Functions, Flexible configuration, Easy maintenance

Each module performs a specific funtion. Customers can combine different modules according to their needs. WEB/NMS/SNMP are available for device management. The devices are easy to maintain with export/import configuration files and hot-swappable modules.


Efficient Compression, Encoding/Transcoding of Program Source

Saving bandwidth has always been important to content distribution. Each encoder/transcoder module in this solution is able to encode/transcode up to 4 or 8 channels at low bit rate yet maintaining satisfying video quality. We aim to maximize operators’ benefit and save their investment in bandwidth.


Quality Value-Added Service

The EPG system provides subscribers with rich navigation information of all channels to enhance the viewing experience. Besides, premium functions such as PVR and time-shift are available together with the EPG function.

The AD insertion system helps operators insert advertisement pictures or videos into live channels so as to raise the system value.

Broadcasting monitor system supports monitoring with real-time alarming of all live channels, helps operators troubleshoot problems in time.

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