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Commercial & Enterprise

Wellav commercial & enterprise solutions meet rapidly increasing demands of the video/audio production and content distribution. Offering an excellent balance between performance and cost, the highly flexible CMP, a device designed for multi-channel encoding, signal reception, digital turn around and simultaneous IPTV+RF distribution, is perfect for a variety of commercial and enterprise applications including hotels, schools, government offices, sport venues, MDU and more.


Headend in one box

Based on the highly integrated and modular design with 50+ function modules, one device can perform all the necessary functions required by common commercial projects, such as receiving signal from satellite/cable/terrestrial/IP network, encoding local channel, descrambling, multiplexing, scrambling and modulating.


Adaptable to IP/Cable Network

This solution can output programs via GB Ethernet/fiber interfaces to in an IPTV/OTT network, or output via RF(QAM/OFDM/ISDB-T) interfaces in a cable network.


Local ad insertion

With the customized LOGO/OSD/QR Code insertion of encoders or an additional advertisement insertion system, operators can insert advertisement pictures or videos into live channels to increase revenue and raise product/service acceptability.


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