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IPTV - wellav - Wellav Technologies


In response to the increasing popularity of IPTV technology, Wellav offers an intuitive yet powerful IPTV solution for centralized management of Android-based STB. This solution is perfect for hospitality, education, government, or any facility to play IP videos across multiple televisions. It is easily customizable to access to live channels, video-on-demand assets, and digital signage using a straightforward web-interface.


One Server-based Design
Support up to 60 live channels and 500 terminals (STB or APK)
Support both Multicast and Unicast (HLS) Mode
Support Android STB and APK for Android TV and Samsung TV
Support DRM / AES encription and de-encriptio

Specialized for Hospitality
Welcome Homepage with customized logo and video content
Customized information page and user-defined menu including live channel, SVOD, corporate channel, mirroring, OSD / image overlay
Emergency alert control
Channel packages for different subscriptions\

Scalable for Future
New features can be added by licensing
Channel and terminals expansion via adding servers
New terminal devices / Apps added based on market needs

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