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Broadcast & Media

In broadcast & Media area, massive video content should be captured, transported and post-edited for further transmission at TV station. WellAV Broadcast & Media Solutions meet an ever increasing demand of the content acquisition and production application. Capture and transport video from the field to TV station. Transcode the baseband or file-based content into any format and encapsulate into any protocol with our wrapper. Edit and manage your video asset flexibly together with your NLE.


High-performance Headends

Headend facilities are the essential part of broadcasting and media. Wellav's DMP/SMP can be configured with over 40 different function modules for various broadcast systems and media applications. Receiving modules can input sources from DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVBC, ASTC, ISDB-T and IPTV, descramble signals and then convert them to standard DVB transport streams. And output modules deliver transport streams to different broadcast networks or media networks.


Content Compression by DMP/SMP Encoder

Depending on different applications, signal sources vary considerably, such as CVBS, YPbPr, HDMI and SDI. Before further transmission, these signal sources have to be compressed by encoders to save network bandwidth. Wellav's DMP/SMP encoder supports almost all common signal sources and encode them into H.264/MPEG2 video format and MPEG/AAC/AC3 audio format.


Transrating and Reformatting by DMP/SMP/OMP Transcoder

To save network bandwidth or support legacy terminals, we may always need transrating and reformatting. DMP/SMP/OMP can effectively transcode signal sources into different profiles in MPEG2 or H.264  format so as to save bandwidth for each program and increase the total network throughput.


Multi-screen Transcoding by DMP/OMP Transcoder

The popularity of the broadband network has made it possible for users to enjoy video content through multi-screen terminals. Wellav's multi-screen DMP transcoder and OMP series can convert an input stream into several different profiles while keeping frames aligned for all output streams. This helps operators to deliver their content to more terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Pads, smart TVs and PCs.


Content protection by DMP/SMP Scrambler

Digital technology has made content protection easier than ever before. Operators regard the content protection as top-priority as it protects their interests and thus increases their ARPU. Wellav's DMP/SMP scrambler supports simulcrypt and possesses the best compatibility with all main-stream CAS systems. It has successfully helped operators from over 90 countries to protect their content.


IP Streaming by DMP/SMP/IRD

As IP network is being widely used, IP streaming has become a common technology that transmits live video via IP network. Wellav's DMP/SMP/IRD are accordingly embedded with Gigabit Ethernet ports and thus can transmit video content via UDP/RTP Unicast/Multicast IP streams.

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