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High-density 10G IPQAM Modulator for Your Cost-saving - Newest - News - wellav - Wellav Technologies
High-density 10G IPQAM Modulator for Your Cost-saving  - Newest - News
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High-density 10G IPQAM Modulator for Your Cost-saving

Release date:2022.09.16.    Views:999

10g ipqam modulator

In our continuous endeavour to do best every single time, we are proud to share the inform a ground breaking new 10 IP QAM Processor with active auto redundancy.

Our network continues to use legacy QAM Modulation, and the growing demand for large content distribution over HFC networks by cable operators necessitates the use of a cost-effective product with multiple integrations.

Wellav|Sencore is pleased to announce the CMP330-96, the latest addition to its modulator product line, which is a high-density IPQAM Modulator with input redundancy and allows 10G SFP+ input. With its IP-dense input and powerful multiplexing, it can support up to 3072 channels per module and 96x RF output with agile frequencies and an independent constellation setting. This IPQAM is designed with a scrambling function to support the market's major CAS providers. Finally, it is compatible with the most recent version of the internet protocol IPv6.

The CMP330-96, is a key component for the cost-effective deployment of regional services over cable networks. Located at the network edge, the CMP330-96 takes in single program Transport Streams and/or multi-program Transport Streams, provides remote multiplexing, QAM modulation and UHF up-conversion in a single highly integrated unit.

Its core features include:

· Support for reception, dejittering and remultiplexing of up to 96 individual multiprogram Transport Streams (MPTS) encapsulated in UDP.

· Support for generation of up to 96 multi-program Transport Streams (MPTS).

· Extraction of incoming PSI tables (PAT, PMT) and automatic PID remapping into outgoing multiple program Transport Streams.

· Automatic PAT and PMT generation into outgoing Transport Streams.

· Supports Dual Management ports.

· Supports PRTG and Zabix Integration.

· Control using web browser or SNMP via a separate redundant Ethernet control interface.

· Many more…

If you are interested in our product and want to learn more about its key features, please click here to fill with your email/contact details and we will send you the product datasheet directly. If you have other requirement, please kindly contact us at  and our dedicated account managers are always ready for you.

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