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Featured Project | Wellav SMP100 helps develop broadcasting on South Pacific Islands - Newest - News - wellav - Wellav Technologies
Featured Project | Wellav SMP100 helps develop broadcasting on South Pacific Islands - Newest - News
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Featured Project | Wellav SMP100 helps develop broadcasting on South Pacific Islands

Release date:2020.01.11.    Views:2585


 01  Local Challenges 

Building a new broadcasting network among islands is challenging.

Typically on islands, equipment is mounted together and then put in outdoor cabinets in rural areas. Therefore, high density and low power consumption are significant for the equipment to run in limited rack space for an extended time.

The equipment requires daily maintenance therefore the configuration/management pages need to be straightforward in order to easily communicate with the local engineers.

As is needed by customers/technology development, the system and the network needs to be updated and expanded, which requires the equipment to be scalable.

 02 Wellav Solution 

The SMP100 platform, works as a standalone re-generator and re-multiplexer in an operator’s DVB-T2 MFN (Multiple Frequency Network), and solves the challenges the operator meets on the islands.

To cover all the islands, more than 20 SMP100’s have been deployed to receive upstream DVB-T2 carriers. After the signal is received, it will be regenerated and re-muxed to feed downstream modulators.



Let’s take a closer look to see how the SMP100 copes with these challenges:

Highly dense & cost effective. The SMP100 compact and modular available in 1RU and 3 module slots. Additionally, with built-in I/O ports and re-multiplexing functions, the SMP100 requires no additional MUX & I/O cards, saving operators considerable rack space and added costs.

User-friendly. With easily configurable tools; Web-UI and SNMP, the SMP100 can provide engineers with easy and convenient solution.

Extendable. The modular design of the SMP100 chassis can be easily equipped with different functional modules. With different licensing options, the SMP100 is scalable to new technologies via a software module replacement, which offers the operator various possibilities of network deployment and an evolving solution.

 03 Project Rresult 

Starting in Q2 of 2019, the deployment for DVB-T2 Rollout has already been completed. Out of trust in Wellav products, the client is now requiring more IRDs to provide on-site monitoring in their future development.


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