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Featured Project | K-Vision chooses Wellav CMP201 for HITS program - Newest - News - wellav - Wellav Technologies
Featured Project | K-Vision chooses Wellav CMP201 for HITS program - Newest - News
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Featured Project | K-Vision chooses Wellav CMP201 for HITS program

Release date:2019.11.29.    Views:3397

Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands in Southeast Asia. Between the Indian and Pacific oceans, there are numerous smaller LCO (local cable operators) who need a cost effective solution for a head-end system.

K-Vision’s HITS (Head-end in the Sky) program is the solution! With unified head-end in K-Vision DC, HITS uplinks collected channels to a satellite so that  a LCO can simply use transmodulators (provided by K-Vision) rather than whole head-end systems to receive channels from the satellite and convey to cable coaxial transmission.  

Apart from common channels offered by K-Vision, the LCO also required added local channels for their subscribers. This required HITS to provide a cost effective transmodulator with an encoding feature.

To meet the LCO’s request, K-Vision kept looking for a solution that is compact, maintainable and expandable. Based on a collaborative evaluation on technical and commercial benefits provided by Wellav CMP201, K-Vision chose this compact media platform for HITS.

With the help of Wellav, HITS is expanding and helping more LCOs in Indonesia to better serve their subscribers.

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