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Wellav Technologies Attends BIRTV2016 with Exciting New 4K Solutions - Newest - News - Wellav Technologies Attends BIRTV2016 with Exciting New 4K Solutions - Wellav Technologies
Wellav Technologies Attends BIRTV2016 with Exciting New 4K Solutions - Newest - News
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Wellav Technologies Attends BIRTV2016 with Exciting New 4K Solutions

Release date:2016.09.07.    Views:3667

During August 24-27, the BIRTV2016 was held in China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Wellav Technologies made its debut in this exhibition and showcased the company’s exciting new solutions, including HEVC Audio & Video Solution, Media Convergence Platform, All Media Cloud Transcoding Solution, New Media Monitoring Platform.


Wellav Booth at a Glance


BIRTV is considered to be the largest summit in Asia and the third largest one around the world in broadcasting industry. It was estimated that nearly 500 domestic and international broadcasting industry players were involved in this year’s BIRTV exhibition as exhibitors.


In BIRTV2016, 4K UHD was a hot topic and lots of 4K relevant products & solutions were showcased by various exhibitors. As we all know, 4K UHD programs provide ultra-high resolution, and can bring immersive viewing experience for audience. Now producing 4K UHD programs has become a main trend in many countries around the world, and many leading radio and television operators and new media companies are vigorously working on this. However, these operators and companies have also encountered some big challenges, like how to save bandwidth and how to improve video delay, etc.


In this instance, Wellav Technologies has just released its latest HEVC Audio & Video Solution, which could improve video quality and bandwidth saving by maximally 50%, and thus has paved the path for 4K UHD program transmission.


Wellav’s HEVC Audio & Video Solution applies the industry's first released hardware encoder (chip-based EN5 series), and can provide higher video quality and compression ratio above market average. The Solution’s typical features are as following:

l  Chip-based HEVC/4K codec for better efficiency and stability

l  Up to 20xFHD or 5x4K programs encoding via Quad-SDI or HDMI

l  4:2:2/4:2:0@8/10bit for contribution or distribution

l  Multiple audio and volume leveling

l  Reliable with redundancy design and dual power 


HEVC Audio & Video Solution


At BIRTV2016, Wellav Technologies also demonstrated the company's new Media Convergence Platform, All Media Cloud Transcoding Solution and New Media Monitoring Platform. Overall, Wellav’s products & solutions attracted many visitors from various provincial radio and television bureaus, provincial and municipal TV stations, online video companies and new media companies.


Media Convergence Platform



All Media Cloud Transcoding Solution



New Media Monitoring Platform



About Wellav Technologies

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