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Wellav Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary - Newest - News - wellav - Wellav Technologies
Wellav Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary - Newest - News
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Wellav Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Release date:2016.04.01.    Views:3508

Decade of innovation and excellence delivers business growth and recognition


HUIZHOU, CHINA- 2016 -Wellav Technologies, a leader in the development of professional video delivery and monitoring solutions, is excited to have reached its 10 year anniversary delivering high quality products to content providers, broadcasters and video distribution companies worldwide. 


“On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we would like to thank our employees for the success that Wellav has achieved in the past 10 years,” said Bill Zou, president, Wellav Technologies. With a spring festival party Wellav marks a milestone that is a testament to our employee’s commitment and contribution.  “We wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to our friends, suppliers, and customers who have played a crucial role in our journey. With the unchanged spirit, I hope we can achieve more in the upcoming ten years.”

Wellav is proud to celebrate a decade of learning and progress:

In 2005, Wellav Technology Ltd. was set up, selling digital audio and video products to outdoors

In 2006, Wellav began to provide digital TV front-end equipment and system solutions
In 2007, Wellav’s production factory was built, since then, Wellav is independent in production, development and sales.

In 2007, developed decoder and encoder, multiplexer, etc independently and made them to the market
In 2008, established a Huizhou research and development center of digital TV system equipment and software engineering technology
In 2008, the company obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification
In 2009, the company was first identified as "national high and new technology enterprise"
In 2010, became Cisco’ s partners in ODM in mainland China
In 2010, provided professional digital TV equipment
for the World Cup in South Africa

In 2011, two filiales was establish in Beijing and Philippines 

In 2012, established a Guangdong research and development center of digital TV system equipment and software engineering technology  
In 2012, established two more subsidiary branches in United States and Hong Kong
In 2012, was identified as "national high and new technology enterprise" for the second time
In 2013, Beijing branch changed into subsidiaries, registered as "BeijingHuaQing WeiYe technology co., LTD."
In 2013, the company restructured into co., LTD
In 2013, Wellav Industrial Park started to construct

In 2014, preparing to go into the stock market
In 2014, mergered with American Sencore

In 2015, listed its shares on the “new three board” successfully


About Wellav Technologies

As a leading global provider of video processing/delivery solutions, Wellav is trusted by over 2000 service providers by delivering products that provide content to 500 million subscribers around more than 100 countries and areas throughout the world. In the future, Wellavis committed to provide its customers with better products and solutions through continuous technology innovation.