With the popularity of Internet, more and more audiences enjoy video at their smart terminals via Internet. WellAV Spider OTT solution creates the bridge between video content from OTT operators and subscribers via Internet. The Spider OTT solution provides a turnkey solution for OTT operators with minimum technical background and also offer sophisticated API interfaces for third-party system integration for premium OTT operators. The OTT Operators is capable to provide such premium services as VOD, Catchup and nPVR to attract more subscribers, with the help of Spider OTT system.


Live TV by DMP/SMP/UMH160R

A live TV sets the base of abundant video content for the OTT system. WellAV DMP/SMP/UMH160R receivers are capable of receiving free-to-air and scrambled content from DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, IPTV, ISDB-T, ATSC and ASI sources, which will be further lined up and streamed to end users via an OTT platform. With natural Gigabit Ethernet ports embedded in each TSIP module or chassis, DMP/SMP/UMH160R support SPTS and MPTS streaming.


Transcoding by OMP/DMP

WellAV OMP/DMP transcoder can transcode live MPEG-2/H.264 SD/HD content and video files in different formats into required video and audio format for further streaming in the OTT system. OMP/DMP multi-screen transcoder supports any video resolutions and all the main-stream video/audio codec formats, and is capable of creating simultaneous frame-aligned streams for adaptive bitrate streaming. This will help OTT operators smoothly stream the target video content to subscribers even if the network status deteriorates.


Major OTT functions by Back Office

Back Office is the major part of the OTT system. It consists of a content management system, an embedded subscriber management system, an embedded DRM, an API for third-party billing system, an API for third-party DRM, product management, advertisement management, statistics and report, Live, VOD, Catchup, nPVR and advertisement function as well as subscriber authentication. Wellav Back Office provides a standard API interface for the integration with any third-party billing systems and DRM, making it flexible for OTT operators to integrate with third-party systems.


Powerful functions by streaming Server

The streaming server plays an important role in Wellav Spider OTT system. Supported by different protocols (HLS/MPEG-DASH/MSS), it can receive signals from different sources and stream different live and off-line video content to subscribers smoothly.

Thanks to low latency, low bit rate and high video quality, Wellav streaming server becomes the best choice for OTT service providers. Besides, Wellav streaming server is also capable of integrating with any main-stream OTT back office systems.


Content Protection by DRM

Wellav Spider OTT system is embedded with local DRM to help operators protect the OTT content. Our system also provides the API interface for the integration with any third-party DRM systems.


Content Management System

Content Management System can perform content creation, content upload, content defining, product creation, price defining and EPG function. With the content management system, the Spider OTT system offers sophisticated management of all OTT service content.


Subscriber Management System

Spider OTT system has a built-in small-scale Subscriber Management System that performs basic functions such as subscriber registration, authorization, activation, deactivation and account management. It also provides an API interface to support any third-party Subscriber Management Systems or Billing Systems, making it flexible for the OTT operators to choose the most suitable subscriber management.


Multiple terminals by APP

Wellav Spider OTT system supports different terminals such as Android/iOS mobile phones, tablets and laptops, PCs and smart TVs, DVB + IP Hybrid STBs and so on. The developed App will be suitable for the main-stream terminals. Wellav offers personalization for specific terminals.


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